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"From 1st Life to 2nd Life, we bring you the paragons of dance"
SL's hottest and newest celebrity dance animation store of 2019. Based in Hollywood, we feature famous choreographers/dancers in social media and the entertainment industry. Our talent have worked with A-list recording artists, on popular dance TV series, and are YouTube viral sensations/social media influencers. All our high quality bento dances are mocap recorded by the original celebrity/influencer.

Producer - Paragon Dance Animations
Made in the USA (Hollywood)
The only place on the grid where dances are authentically created by youtube stars & celebrity dancers.

Hobbies: MMA Training, weights, dance, the gym, writing, gaming.
Film producer and virtual marketer for social media influencers.

Keepin' it real...

 - thanks Johnny for the permission to spread this out;)

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- find some most realistic dances there, which goes along smoothly with the tunes our sl clubs offers.
- great unique visual expression