Dave Cold and his convincing Set at Q Lounge

A warm welcome or even welcome back to the Trance Community in my music life and also here on the Blog,) My former home and start of gett'n into the electronic tunes inworld,) Already about 8 years ago they catched my attention and pulled me into their amazing constantly uplifting mood. From there the word ecxtasy started to have this immense value for me,)

Dave Cold, one of the best rl DJ and Producer in this Genre, was so kind to invite me to his Tuesday Set at Q LoungeTrance Club. I was wrapped by all them flashbacks as I entered the location,) the Trance tunes did the rest to get me into this flying mood,) instant love feelings put me literally into Trance,) Dave and his acoustically convincing inundate tunes were all over me. His Trance Set with the wonderful sound waves and all kind of Variation Trance can offer, made it a missed experience for me,)

This DJ has the skill to slide into all kind of styles this Genre comprise in one set and share this way all the shades of feeling Trance can build in you.

Am quite sure, that I wanna have this again. Get me there again Dave... will you?,))


recorded for us: