It's all about music……

A warm hug to all the music lovers out there:)

This post is over shadowed by some sad experience i had to make the last days. It was a quite personal one.

I didnt expect being treated respectless like this even from someone i thought i know. Degrading me in what and how i do this and in my taste of music.

Bottom line is…people complain about people..while they doing the same to others and forget what is all about… i support the music and i do it the way i feel for. I am not talking about technical contents, as i simply dont have the know how for that.

I felt sad…even put me in a kind of shock mode that someone talk to me like this…only cause of some anger this person has with others. I support music…and i will go on doing that…..cause its good for me…..and especially after experiences like this…even more. I hope from my heart, that them who serve the tunes do feel the music as i do….that there is real passion behind……and not a commercial and based on business thinking reason.  Music should lift us on a feel good level, thats the key for many solutions. The world does not go round anymore, cause of being selfish, jealous, not being able to talk to each other and music is a way to communicate. Please guys help me to keep this love and good feeling level at least in my or our little world in here.

Help me to share the good vibe, which calms and balance us…….and even heals.  I hope my passion and love for music will cover situations like that.

Be save all!